• Professor, jointly appointed in Civil & Environmental Engineering and Marine & Environmental Sciences

  • University Distinguished Professor, jointly appointed in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Bioengineering

  • Associate Professor, jointly appointed in Marine & Environmental Sciences, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, and Civil & Environmental Engineering

  • Professor, jointly appointed in Bioengineering & Chemistry and Chemical Biology

  • Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Students as difference-makers

Student Stories

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  • Global Dialogue to Global Research and Beyond

    Michael Tormey - BS, Civil Engineering and Economics 2020

  • Engineering and Business – A Combination for Success

    Written by Madison Goldstein, a third year Industrial Engineering student.

  • Undergraduate Lab Fair Opens Up Possibilities

    James Tukpah - BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering & Minor, Mechanical Engineering 2020

  • MIE Research

    Written by Nasir Abayomi Yussuf, a Mechanical Engineering PhD student.

  • Global Experience Creates International Tournament

    Darryl Robinson - BS, Mechanical Engineering 2020

    Darryl Robinson
  • Engineering for Rural Development in India

    Written by Tavish Fenbert, a fourth-year Mechanical Engineering student.

  • Making World-Changing Progress through Cancer Immunology Research

    Jordan Harris - BS, Chemical Engineering 2017

  • Women Forward in Technology Scholarships

    Carolina Binns, BS'21 Comp Eng and Sara Symonds, BS'19 Comp Eng/Comp Science -

  • AIAA Student Club Readies to Land a Rover on a Planet

    Harry Brodsky - BS, Mechanical Engineering 2019

  • Research in Extreme Conditions

    Alek Razdan - PhD, Computer Engineering 2021

    Alek Razdan
  • Mentorship as a Common Thread

    Written by Annmarie Uliano, a graduate MS student in Engineering Management.

  • AIChE – A Defining Experience

    Alexis Laundry - PlusOne, Chemical Engineering/Engineering Management 2020

    Alexis Laundry
  • Reengineering Scholarship Opportunities

    Joseph Alim, BSME/MS, Eng Management'17 Tuan Ho, BS, Mechanical Engineering'18 -

  • Co-op in Indonesia

    Written by Maria George, a fifth year Civil Engineering student.

  • Reflecting Back

    Liane Wong - BS, Electrical Engineering 2017

  • Passion for Learning, Teaching

    Thurston Brevett - BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering 2018



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