Welcome to the project website for Shortfall Digital 2.5! The first digital prototype game was completed as an independent study in the spring of 2007 by Seth Sivak and Mark Sivak, both mechanical engineers. The version now online was produced by Jay Taylor-Laird and his educational development team, based on the Sivaks' work.

This project has had input from many professors and students in several different disciplines. Professor Jackie Isaacs in the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department has led the project since its inception and has worked with a team of faculty to build the game structure and content. Professors Jim Benneyan and Tom Cullinane (also in MIE) contributed to the engineering and manufacturing content. Professor Ann McDonald from the College of Art, Media, and Design has provided guidance in interface design. Dr. Donna Qualters, Director of the Tufts Center for Learning and Teaching provided preliminary assessment of student learning from game play.

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To play the game, please follow the link below. Be sure use the pop-up tutorials on your first round of play. Make sure that your browser has the LATEST VERSION of the Adobe Flash Plugin. (If the tutorial does not run properly, you need to update!)

Important note: Shortfall Digital 2.5 was a prototype to aid in design and development of the fully networked game Shortfall Online, which is currently in alpha testing. Although the networked version will differ significantly in terms of team interactions and outcomes, Shortfall Digital 2.5 represents the core ideas of Shortfall Online as well as the original ideas of Jessica Corriere, who created Shortfall: The Board Game over a decade ago.

Shortfall Digital 2.5 is fully operational, and assessment materials are available upon request. Email us for more information at the address given below.

Play Shortfall Digital 2.5.5 (updated 29 March 2016)

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