About Us

Chapter Missions and Goals

About SHPE

The Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers is a professional organization whose goal is to enable Latinos to pursue, obtain and develop successful careers with top research and development, high-tech (i.e., hardware, software and IT services), and communications companies, as well as other science and engineering-based organizations.

Chapter History

The Northeastern chapter of SHPE was chartered in 1992 by a group of Latino students who sought an engineering focused support structure. In the 90's and early 2000's , SHPE incorporated many aspects of business and engineering related fields and underwent several name changes to encapsulate both disciplines. In 2002, the official name was changed to the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. Since then, SHPE has become an integral part of Northeastern's network of Latino organizations and an essental part of the student groups within the College of Engineering.

Chapter Goals

SHPE Nation and SHPE Northeastern share common goals. We promote academic excellence, professionalism in the classroom as well as the work place, and to give students the tool and opportunities needed to become successful. Along with these goals, our chapter also wants to be a place to make strong connections with fellow peers that share the same interests and strive for academic and professional excellence. We believe no student should be left without guidance and we want to provide that by offering tutoring, mentoring and lifelong connections.