ME2720 General Thermodynamics

NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department

INSTRUCTOR: Hameed Metghalchi

OFFICE : 334 SN, Phone 617-373-2973


Text: Thermodynamics Foundations and Applications by E.P. Gyftopoulos & G. P. Baretta, Dover

Homework: Assigned in class and due one week later.NO LATE HOMEWORK WILL BE ACCEPTED

Course Grading: 20% Homework, 40% Midterm, 40% Final Examination


Brief Course Outline

Explores the axiomatic foundations of thermodynamics with emphasis on rigorous definitions and general energy-engineering applications. A general definition of entropy is given, valid for all states, including non-equilibrium, and all well defined systems, including a single particle system. The simple system model clarifies what relations hold for all systems and what only for many-particle systems. Applications include cogeneration energy devices, their thermodynamic efficiency, and cost and pollution allocation among their different energy products. Properties of multicomponent mixtures are discussed in general and with emphasis on chemical reactions and chemical equilibrium.

Topics to Be Covered

Axiomatic foundations of thermodynamics:


General Properties of Stable Equilibrium States:


Simple System Model and Properties of Stable Equilibrium States:


Bulk Flow


Multi-Component Simple Systems:


Chemical Reactions and Equilibrium: