Northeastern Students

Sharif University of Technology Alumni:

Dr. Seyed Hanif Mahboobi
Ph.D. Graduate

Dissertation: Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Nanoscale Effects in Nanomanipulation Process

Graduated: October 2009

Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Sharif University of Technology, Institute for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Dr. Aidin Delnavaz
Ph.D. Graduate

Dissertation: Nonlinear Distrubted Parameters Vibration Analysis of AFM Microcantilever Beam in Dynamic Mode

Graduated: December 2009

Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Ecole de technologie superieure, Montreal, Canada (August 2010-Present)


  Dr. M. Esmaeili
Ph.D. Graduate

Dissertation: Nonlinear-Comprehensive Modeling and Vibration Analysis of Microscale Gyroscopic Systems

Graduated: December 2009

Current Position:
M. Saghafi
MS Graduate

Thesis: Nonlinear Constitutive Modeling and Dynamic Analysis of Piezoelectric Bending Actuators

Graduated: December 2006
  H.N. Pishkenari
MS Graduate

Thesis: Modeling, Simulation, Identification, and Chaos Control in Atomic Force Microscopy

Graduated: December 2005

Clemson University Alumni:

PhD Students (5)

Dr. Reza Saeidpourazar

Research: Microcantilever-based Manipulation

Graduated: May 2009

Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL (May 2009-Present)


Dr. Saeid Bashash

Research: Piezoelectric-based Manipulation, Vibration Control and Positioning.

Graduated: Dec 2008

Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA (August 2010-Present)

Dr. Amin Salehi-Khojin

Research: On New Applications and Sensitivity Enhancement of Cantilever-based Sensing Systems.

Graduated: May 2008

Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL (June 2008-Present)


Dr. Mahmoud Reza Hosseini

Research: A Comprehensive Multiphysics, Multiscale Modeling Framework for Carbon Nanotube Fabrication Process by Chemical Vapor Deposition

Graduated: August 2008

Current Position: Research Scientist, Tetramer Technologies Inc., Pendelton, SC (June 2008 - Present)

Dr. S. Nima Mahmoodi

Research: Nonlinear Vibration and Frequency Response Analysis of Nanomechanical Cantilever Beams

Graduated: August 2007

Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (August 2010-Present)



Masters Students (23)

Ivan Siles

Research: Adaptive Control of a Robot Manipulator

Graduated: August 2009

Anand Raju

Research: Tire Nitrogen Filling

Graduated: August 2009

Siddharth S Aphale

Research: Adaptive Control of an Automated
Nanofibre Fabrication Unit

Graduated: August 2009

Parikshit Mehta

Research: Vibration of thin plates with piezoelectric actuators: Theory and Experiment

Graduated: December 2009

Calvin Bradley

Research: Biological Species Detection
via Microcantilever-based Mass Sensing

Graduated: May 2008

Kushan Vora

Research: Dynamic Modeling and Hysteresis
Compensation Techniques for Magnetostrictive Materials

Graduated: December 2008

Prakash Venkataraman

Research: Experimental Investigation of Tire Nitrogen Filling on Vehicle Fuel Economy

Graduated: December 2007

Sudeep Chavare

Research: Self-sensing Switched Stiffness Vibration Control of a Piezoelectrically-driven Cantilever Beam

Graduated: August 2007

Mana Afshari

Research: Biological Species Detection via Microcantilever-based Mass Sensing

Graduated: August 2007

Esvar C. Subramaniam

Research: Design and Development of an in-house Scanning Tunnelling Microscope System

Graduated: May 2007

Miheer Gurjar

Research: An Adaptive Self-sensing Strategy for Ultrasmall Mass Detection using Piezoelectrically-driven Microcantilevers

Graduated: December 2006

Vikrant Bhadbhade

Research: Coupled Flexural-Torsional Vibrations of A Cantilever Beam Gyroscope with Application to Rocking Mass Gyroscopes

Graduated: December 2006

Sandeep Hiremath

Research: Development of an Automated Electrospinning Process for Nanofiber-based Electronic-Textile Fabrication

Graduated: December 2006


Virgile Ayglon

Research: Development of An Objective/Subjective Assessment Tool for Vehicle Nibble Vibrations

Graduated: August 2006

Himanshu Rajoria

Research: Passive Vibration Damping Enhancement and Applications using Carbon Nanotube-Epoxy Reinforced Composites

Graduated: May 2005

Saeid Bashash

Research: Nonlinear Modeling and Control of Piezoelectrically-driven Nanostagers with Application to Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy

Graduated: December 2005

Karthik Laxminarayana

Research: Towards Control-based Manufacturing of Nanotube Materials with Application to Smart Structures

Graduated: August 2004

Vinod Cherian

Research: Modeling, Simulation and Experimental Testing of Suspension and Steering Subsystems for Steering Nibble Characterization

Graduated: December 2005

Arun Ramaratnam

Research: Semi-Active Vibration Control using Piezoelectric-based Switched Stiffness

Graduated: August 2004

Mohsen Dadfarnia

Research: Lyapunov-Based Piezoelectric Control of Hybrid Flexible Structures

Graduated: August 2003

Matt Grier

Research: Adaptive-Passive Vibration Control of Flexible Beams using Piezoelectric Materials and Electrical Shunt Networks

Graduated: August 2003

David Knowles

Research: Structural Vibration Control using Active Resonator Absorber: Modeling and Control Implementation

Graduated: May 2003

Rafi Vahe Derkhorenian

Research: Nonlinear Adaptive Vibration Control of Linear Time Invariant Uncertain Mechanical Systems Experiencing Unknown Harmonic Disturbances

Graduated: May 2002



Undergraduate Students (6)

Foderarp Greg Arndt

Research: Structural Vibration Control using Nanomaterials

Graduated: May 2009

Daniel Eils

Research:Nanomechanical Cantilever Biosensors

Graduated : Dec 2007

Sabrina Laul

Research: Enhancing Wound Healing through Carbon Nanotube-Based Materials

Graduated: May 2006

Joshua Eichman

Research: Experimental Investigation and Control of Rocking Mass Gyroscopes

Graduated: May 2006

Marisa L Kikendall

Research: Development of Carbon Nanotube-Based Electronic Textiles

Graduated: December 2005

Matt Grier

Research: Experimental Study of Active Resonator Absorber Control Schemes

Graduated: December 2001


SSNEMS Group Photos

SSNEMS Lab 2007


SSNEMS Lab 2006


Standing from left to right: Dr. Daqaq, Saied, Nima, Kushan, Yosouf, Calvin, Siddharth, Reza S, Amin, Dr. N Jalili

Sitting from left to right: Daniel, Thiago, Tugba


Standing from left to right: S. Bashash, E.C. Subramanian, C. Bradley, A. Salehi, S.N. Mahmoudi, Dr. N. Jalili, S. Chavare, M. Afshari, R. Saidpourazar

Sitting from left to right: S. Hiremath, M. Gurjar, V.Bhadbhade

SSNEMS Lab 2005


SSNEMS Lab 2004


Standing from left to right: S.N. Mahmoudi, J. Al-Soudi, M. Gurjar, P. Venakataraman, Dr. N. Jalili, S. Chavare, V. Bhadbhade, R. Saidpourazar, S. Bashash

Sitting from left to right: M. Afshari, M.R. Hosseini, V. Ayglon, M. Kikendall, E.C. Subramanian, Y. Zhou, S. Hiremath