Latest News/Update - June 2015

A new version of the VFLOAT variable precision floating point library is now available! The library has been reorganized for ease of use. All components have been tested up to double precision. All components work on Altera and Xilinx platforms. The divider has been tested for faithful rounding.

Prof. Leeser gave an invited talk at the New England Workshop on Software Defined Radio (NEW-SDR) entitled: A Personal History of Reconfigurable Hardware and Software Defined Radios. May 2015.

Mahsa Bayati successfully defended her MS thesis, Parallel Methods for Protein Coordinate Conversion , April 2015.

The paper Kernel Specialization Provides Adaptable GPU Code for Particle Image Velocimetry was published in IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, April 2015.

We are analyzing portability of OpenCL code on a variety of platforms, specifically relating to floating point behavior. This project is funded by NSF grant CCF-1218075 Ensuring Reliability and Portability of Scientific Software for Heterogeneous Architectures. A paper on this research will be presented at Euro-Par in August 2015. Floating Point Arithmetic for Heterogeneous Architectures

Field Programmable Gate Array

Field Programmable Gate

Instructions for building one :)

Acceleration of Algorithms using FPGAs and GPUs

Research in the Reconfigurable and GPU Computing Laboratory (RCL) investigates the use of Accelerators such as Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) for scientific applications. Our interest is in developing libraries and interfaces that make acceleration easier to use. In GPU research, we are investigating how best to take advantage of GPUs from common programming environments such as Matlab and SCIRun. We are also looking at Tasks and Conduits as a mechanism for mapping the same application to several different target hardware platforms.

Our FPGA projects include using OpenCPI as a component model for FPGA research. In addition, we have developed a widely used variable precision floating point library (VFLOAT). In the lab we use a combination of research and commercial tools, as well as the software and hardware needed to map designs onto field programmable logic.

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