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Academic Journey: India to Boston

May 18, 2017

About Me

Sneha Nanda Kumar is currently a graduate student pursuing MS in Engineering Management. She is a member of the INFORMS Student Chapter at Northeastern University. She also works part time as an Event Coordinator at COE. Apart from being a horror movie fanatic, she is an avid blogger, doodle artist and a dessert lover on the hunt for the best cup of hot chocolate in Boston.

Academic Journey: India to Boston

I did my undergraduate education in India, where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication. Back in 2011, when I started my college education, I couldn’t wait to finish my education and start working. I would have never predicted that six years into the future, I would be pursuing a Master’s degree. Ironically, the reason for this change was my career.

Fresh out of college, I started working for a start-up company. People who have worked in start-ups will understand when I say that the work culture and the type of projects that you deal with are very different from that of large companies. Here, from Business Development to Operations, I played a role in every aspect of the company. I realized that I loved Technical Management and wanted to learn more about it.

Moving to Boston was the best and hardest decision that I have taken. On one hand, I finally understood the meaning of home sickness. On the other, I got to be in one of the best cities in the world. While researching universities for my Master’s program, Northeastern University was on the top of my list, and, correctly so. The variety of electives offered for this course are tremendous. The type of exposure that I have received up to this point has helped me in choosing my career goals as a Supply Chain Analyst.

I look forward to doing my co-op in the next semester and, hopefully, have another amazing year at Northeastern.