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Welcome to e-squared: everything engineering, the College of Engineering's blog! Get to learn about life as an engineering student and what it means to be a Husky. Discover what your professors are researching and what they have to say about their fields. Interested in contributing or being featured in the Blog? Contact Alexandra Berleus @ 

June 17, 2015
Written by Chandra Prakash Vidivel, a Telecommunication Systems Management Engineering graduate student.
Graduate, Student Awards
June 10, 2015
Written by Brian Green, a third-year Industrial Engineering student.
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Undergraduate, Student Awards, Student Groups, Professional Societies, Competitions
May 20, 2015
Written by Lindsey Bressler, a third year International Affairs and Economics student with an interest in climate change and development.
Undergraduate, Student Awards
May 6, 2015
Written by ChiSheng Liang, a third year Electrical Engineering major.
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Undergraduate, Co-op, Student Awards, Competitions
April 29, 2015
Written by Christina Kach E'09, an Associate Consultant at Liberty Mutual, and a current Engineering Management student.
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Graduate, Undergraduate, Alumni, Co-op, Student Awards
April 8, 2015
Written by Udit Bhatia, a Civil and Environmental Engineering PhD student.
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Graduate, Research, Student Awards
April 1, 2015
Written by Thomas Nigl, a fourth year Chemical Engineering student.
Chemical Engineering
Undergraduate, Student Awards, Professional Societies, Competitions
March 25, 2015
Written by Zachery Shaw, a fourth year Mechanical Engineering major and Electrical Engineering Minor student.
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Undergraduate, Co-op, Student Awards, Honorary Societies