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Baja SAE @ NEU

October 22, 2014

About Me

Dalton Colen is a fourth year mechanical engineering student from New Hampshire and is currently the captain of the NU Baja team.  

Baja SAE @ NEU 

Baja SAE is a competition series that brings over 200 teams from all over the world together to design, build, and race a single person off-road vehicle in multiple different events. There are three competitions annually held all over the United States, from Rochester, New York to Portland, Oregon. The competition is not merely engineering – there is also a business portion that consists of a sales presentation to a panel of industry professionals as well as a cost report that tabulates the cost of building the car as a prototype for a larger manufacturing run.

Northeastern University has a history of running extremely unique cars. Instead of the conventional steering wheel, we are the only team to use handlebars that allow our car to be more ergonomic to steer and maneuver. We also run a 6-speed manual transmission that gives us more control over how the car tackles obstacles on the course. These designs as well as a dedicated team of engineering students have helped us secure 4 top ten finishes in the past 5 years. Currently we are working on validating our existing vehicle designs as well as redesigning specific components of the car from last year based on this validation.

I have had an amazing time on this team and have gathered a ton of fun personal and professional experiences. The experience I gained while designing last year’s chassis helped me to secure one of the coolest co-op positions I think exists. We also have a lot of fun on the team; road trips to the events are a blast. My freshman year we drove across the country and stopped at monuments such as Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Devil’s Tower, and the Bonneville Salt Flats. This is an experience I do not think I could have had if I wasn’t a part of this team. We are looking forward to our competitions in Auburn, AL and Baltimore, MD this year!

We are eager to accept new members from all backgrounds and experience levels. If you love working with cars and getting your hands dirty, send us an email or Facebook message and we can get you down in the shop and working! Be sure to check out all of our pictures and videos on our website.

Meetings: Tuesday/Thursday | 6:30-9pm | 058 Richards Hall





Twitter: @NUbaja

Instagram: numotorsportsbaja