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Broader Impacts at Northeastern

November 12, 2014

About Me

I’m a fourth year PhD Bioengineering student and NSF Graduate Research Fellow.  My interests are in microfluidic diagnostic platforms and entrepreneurship.  My passion for research grew out of a co-op experience at Sandia National Laboratories in 2010 where I worked on developing medical technology capable of rapidly screening large populations for biotoxins.  Joining the Biological Surface Engineering and Microfluidic Laboratory under Dr. Shashi Murthy in 2011 has been one of the most stimulating and rewarding experiences of my life. These past four years at Northeastern, I’ve grown so much as a researcher and as a person. I am currently on an NSF grant developing microfluidic diagnostic technology in Stockholm, Sweden to better expand my thesis into the international realm.

Broader Impacts at Northeastern

I’ve learned first-hand that a good researcher not only does good research, but also tells others about the research they’ve done. The Northeastern Research, Innovation, and Scholarship Expo (RISE) brings together student researchers of all fields and mixes them with leaders in industry and academia to create a truly interdisciplinary exhibition. As a participant each year and as a special graduate judge last year, I’ve really come to appreciate all the work being done at Northeastern. For example, did you know there’s a group developing tattoos for diabetics that change color when there is a change in glucose concentration in the blood stream (Clark Lab)?  Or that a group has developed a method for by-passing the blood brain barrier to safely deliver drugs for treating Parkinson’s disease (Waszcak lab)?

RISE 2014

If you haven’t, there’s some really great ways to get informed at Northeastern. Some examples are the News@Northeastern site and iNSolution research blog, both of which do an excellent job of highlighting big research at Northeastern.  I’ve personally had the pleasure to work with the science writer to have my research highlighted in News@Northeastern. The experience was great and the article was something great to share with my family and friends over social media to start conversations about the implications of my research. The article was even picked up by Boston Magazine and allowed my research to reach an even broader audience. I strongly recommend for researchers to get involved with these programs and for anyone interested in research to follow these sites to hear about new and interesting things happening in the research community around you.

Stockholm, Sweden

What makes Northeastern so special to me is the collaborative spirit of Northeastern. We are not performing world-class research in a vacuum. Many Northeastern students are collaborating with other labs, departments, universities, and even companies.  My first project was a direct collaboration with Duke Eye Center (medical clinic) and Sandstone Diagnostics (start-up company). And my current project is in collaboration with a top research center in Stockholm, Sweden where I work now. Northeastern University has been the common denominator in all of these undertakings and has supported me wholeheartedly through it all. I could not be happier in my decision to complete a PhD at Northeastern University.