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Chennai to Boston

June 17, 2015

About Me 

Chandra Prakash Vadivel is a Telecommunication Systems Management Engineering graduate student. Before joining the program he was working in McKinsey & Company as a Jr. Purchase Associate. Chandra did his undergraduate in Chennai, India majoring in Electronics and Communication.

Chennai to Boston 

During my undergrad in Chennai I realized that my exposure to networks and telecommunication was not at all enough for my desired career path, and that is when I looked into applying to a Masters in the USA. When I got a job at McKinsey & Company for the Jr. Purchase Associate position my parents and my friends were elated except for me because I knew that this job was not related to the field I studied in my undergrad and it was not what I was interested in. That gave me a boost to rigorously look for the schools to pursue my higher education. 

It was during the Summer of 2013 that I started scouting for the schools in the USA that offered a Telecommunication Systems program. The very first person that came to my mind was my cousin's sister living in Boston. I emailed her asking to recommend the best schools. The first school she recommended was Northeastern University. After doing research online I was very excited and started the application process.

Around mid-June I received an email from Northeastern University stating that my application status has been updated. Every bit of my body was so excited to open that link and check out the status. I knew for sure that the decision inside the application would change my life. The excitement grew when I saw that I was accepted into the Telecommunication Systems program for the Spring'15. At that moment I felt that the admission in NEU was the right launch pad for my career path.

With my masters degree I will chase my dream job as Assistant Network Consultant Engineer at Cisco Systems, Inc. Since my undergrad, especially after being CCNA certified I always wanted to review the network requirements and produce recommendations reports for network designs. I believe Northeastern's specialized degree combined with the co-op program will allow me to succeed in my career.