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Engineering Management Journey

September 20, 2017

When Aishwarya Subramanian first arrived in Boston in the fall of 2015, she found the sheer size and diversity of Northeastern and the city itself to be somewhat overwhelming, after spending the four years of her undergraduate degree in a smaller town in Florida. However, she very quickly grew to love her lively new home and was very impressed by the quality of her new professors.

“So the professors are really well experienced…They focus a lot on the students and make sure that you understand everything. They also develop you for your career and give you professional advice and will always spend time outside of class to help you on your resume, along with sending your resume to people they know in the companies they worked for.” she explained.

During her time at Northeastern, what has stood out to Subramanian was being able to go on co-op, an opportunity that Northeastern is well-known for offering to students.

“The global co-op was the most notable experience. I’m sure everybody goes on co-op but the fact that this was in Germany, I didn’t speak a word of German,” she said. I just went there knowing nothing, it was really great. I got to learn a lot because Bosch is a big company so I got to learn about their corporate culture and the way they work. Then I learned the language a little bit just from being there for six months. I was exposed to a lot of new technology that I would have never had a chance to see if I had worked anywhere else so it was really good,” she explained.

She also offered advice for incoming students as well.

“What I would tell students to do is, you know you have the four core courses and then the electives, and that they should map out their electives and their specialization way before they come here,” she explained. So they should know exactly what they’re taking and when they will go on co-op and which semester they will go on co-op. It’s much better than coming here and wondering when you’ll go on co-op or what you should do here after coming here, she said.

Subramanian is set to take a job as a systems engineer in Florida when her education is complete. 


September 20, 2017 10:45 am