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Inaugural Bioengineering Undergrad Class

September 2, 2015

About Me 

Allan Wong is an upcoming second year bioengineering student in the College of Engineering at Northeastern. He is from Ridgewood, New Jersey and chose to attend Northeastern over other universities because it provides its students with the unique opportunity to learn both concepts in the classroom as well as on co-op. During Allan's first year on campus, he had the opportunity to dance with the hip hop team, NU Kinematix, as well as be an Executive Board member of Barkada, Northeastern’s Filipino cultural club. Being a member of these student organizations on campus has given Allan a nice social outlet outside of his academic life. 

Inaugural Bioengineering Undergrad Class

As one of the first students with the potential to graduate with a bioengineering degree from Northeastern, I am both excited and anxious to start classes in the fall and my first co-op in the spring. I am on the five-year track with three co-ops and I am expecting to graduate in 2019. My first exposure to bioengineering came in high school during a field trip to Styker Corporation which specializes in medical technologies. An employee showed us the design of a prosthetic bone and I was immediately in awe. Experiences like these influenced me to pursue a bioengineering degree at Northeastern.

Since most engineering students take the same general science and engineering classes in their first year, I am definitely looking forward to taking more bioengineering-focused classes in the fall. There are four concentrations to choose from and I am hoping that these classes will help me decide which one I am most interested in. I am also excited to learn from my Intro to Engineering Co-op class that focuses on preparing us for our first co-op experience. Since I am only a second year student, I’m hoping this class will allow me to hone my skills in interviewing as well as help me set my goals for the future.

I look forward to this Fall semester and it will be crucial for me to research different bioengineering companies so that I can have a good co-op experience in the Spring. There is definitely some pressure being in the first inaugural bioengineering class, but I am confident that the program will provide me with the intensive education I need to succeed with this major and prepare me well for the professional world.