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Industry Leaders Night: Climate Change

December 16, 2015

About Me 

Joyce Schmulson is a third year Industrial Engineering student who studied climate change in India over the summer with Professor Auroop Ganguly. She plans to do research with him next semester and continue learning about climate solutions.

Industry Leaders Night: Climate Change  

What if there was no such thing as a dead line? I feel that we tend to look at a seemingly impossible problem and think that there needs to be one solution, and that solution is the only remedy. No iteration or creativity. Just a straight forward solution. While ambitious, this is actually discouraging. I for one look at the immensity of climate change and feel overwhelmed. How can 7 billion inhabitants change their life style or increase their awareness when every individuals worries and queries are so unique and relative? This thought too is discouraging. 

That was what I most appreciated about the civil and environmental engineering Industry Leaders Night. It gave me hope. The youth is making small changes and engaging in resilience with the help of professionals. There is so much to be done, yes, but there is so much that is being done. One speaker said, it's all about fixing "the right problem." But with incremental acquisition of knowledge about the world around us we start fixing those right problems. We're all a team when it comes to how we choose to impact the world we live in. At this meeting I realized how many initiatives are in place to start making those differences. Engineers, environmentalists, journalists, etc. they're already making moves. So while the deadline may not tangibly exist, we have to note that the deadline is now.