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Information Systems Spotlight

October 31, 2017

Information Systems Spotlight

Vignesh Karthikeyan came to Northeastern University in the fall of 2016 with a strong desire to learn about coding and programing, along with hopes to meet new people both at the university and in the city of Boston. He had completed an undergraduate degree in Electronic Communication in India and after working various roles at Polaris, he knew what he wanted to advance his studies. 

“The one [program] that I liked the most was Information Technology so I wanted to enhance my skills in that field. That’s why I pursued [my graduate degree] at Northeastern, they’ve got a good technical field or technical base in terms of Information Systems unlike the other colleges,” he said. 

Karthikeyan is very pleased with how quickly he has been able to learn new programming and how to develop new ideas on different ways to code as well. He recently put his new skills on display at a Northeastern University Hackathon, where he stood out to the judges.

“The recent NU Hackathon that happened was one of the biggest experiences I’ve had because I’ve never been to a hackathon, and as I told you from the start, I was not so good at coding but this hackathon was a place for me to shine, where I could showcase how much I’ve learned at Northeastern…We ended up doing pretty well in it and the judges appreciated our work. They asked us to present it in different platforms as well, so I think that is one big achievement for me,” he explained.

Professor Richard Sherman has been a particular standout to Karthikeyan, whom he is now working for as a Teaching Assistant, as he gave him glowing praise as a professor. 

“My personal favorite is Professor Sherman. From him I learned a lot of databases and data warehouses…I think the way he conducts himself in class is so cool, he’s so relaxed…You’re so involved in his class and he gives good projects. It’s very challenging his projects and that’s something I really enjoy working on,” he said.

Along with the various skills he has obtained, Karthikeyan has also managed to meet a lot of new people, just as he was hoping, most notably from his work as a student ambassador. 

On an average I don’t think I would have socialized with that many people if I had just done my schoolwork…I did make some friends over this ambassador program and I’m looking forward to receiving them when they come in the fall 2017, he said.

Karthikeyan thinks very highly of the Ambassador program, which he has enjoyed being a part of and encourages other students to make use of as well.

“I didn’t use this resource coming in and I think I could have been a little more prepared…it gives student the opportunity to get to know a lot more about the school. How they function, what are the courses they can take.  Me being at a certain stage at this college I can guide them as to what courses to take and that they can follow the path that I’ve taken if they want to mimic it or take mine as a reference,” said Karthikeyan.

Karthikeyan began working as a Data Scientist at Ahold USA Inc. on co-op in June. He is scheduled to graduate in May of 2018.  


October 31, 2017 10:45 am