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Materials Research Society Conference

January 4, 2017

About Me

Andrew Spencer is a second year PhD student in the Department of Chemical Engineering. He grew up outside of Boston, MA and attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN for his Bachelor's. Before joining the Northeastern Chemical Engineering Department, Andrew gained experience working in packaging development at a cosmetics company, and then moved on to work as a process engineer at a highly advanced semiconductor manufacturing company. At Northeastern, Andrew is very involved with a number of organizations on campus. He is the President of the Graduate Student Council and the Vice President of the Biotech Entrepreneurs. In addition, he is on a committee for organizing workshops for early year graduate students and internal conferences at NEU, including the second annual Biomaterials Day this spring. His research involves the design and characterization of novel biomaterials for tissue regeneration and 3D bioprinting of materials for tissue engineering.

Materials Research Society Conference

The MRS conference this year was only my second conference ever, and was an excellent opportunity for people from all over the world present their work on the development or characterization of a diverse range of materials. Symposiums included talks about inorganic and organic biomaterials for a range of biomedical applications, novel materials for electronics and energy applications, as well as discussions about the broader impacts of materials technology for the future. The evening events included a series of poster sessions with a similarly diverse range of topics. The refreshments at the poster sessions were delicious - one night they even had lobster mashed potatoes!

As a second year PhD student, I am learning just how beneficial conferences such as MRS can be for researchers, young and old. At my own presentation, I was lucky to have multiple people come up after my talk to personally discuss my research, and one person even offered an opportunity to publish my paper in her journal. I look forward to my next research conference, as well as future MRS meetings to come.