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My Co-op Experience at Harvard Medical School

June 8, 2016

About Me

Pooja S Gaikwad is an Engineering Management graduate student at Northeastern University and is currently engaged in a co-op at Harvard Medical School, as a Project Manager. She has also worked as a Teaching Assistant for the Project Management class last fall and as a Research Assistant for the ‘Executive Roundtable for Supply Chain Managers’ class from the Business School. Outside of schooling, Pooja enjoys performing salsa, Indian contemporary dance and singing. She is also an avid traveler and loves exploring new places.  

My Co-op at Harvard Medical School

Coming from an engineering background and having management acumen, I always wanted to jump into an exciting field and apply managerial and engineering skills. My co-op experience as a Project Manager intern at Harvard Medical School is the perfect opportunity for me to do this and ensure that projects run smoothly. Working in the medical research field is as exciting as it sounds and it gets better by the day. Harvard has a unique position in the field of medicinal research and it's been an exhilarating experience so far. Working in an institutional setting is far more different than working in the routine corporate environment, needless to say, it holds more challenges, and that’s what makes it a memorable experience. I manage IT projects for various research groups at Harvard and it's exciting to see the progress that we are making in the field of neurobiology, microbiology and genetics. I’m truly having the experience of a lifetime and working at a prestigious institute like Harvard is indeed the cherry on top! I am learning a lot and I will forever cherish this experience. The work culture is amazing here and my team, mentor and manager are awesome people to work with. If you are ever in the neighborhood, you should definitely pay a visit to this school and experience first-hand the aura that surrounds this place!