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My Experience as a “Shark” at SharkNinja

March 30, 2016

About Me

Celine Chin is a third year Mechanical Engineering student from Brookline, MA. Outside of classes and co-op, she devotes the majority of her time to the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE). She has been on SASE’s executive board ever since her first year, and was also recently the Conference Co-Chair for SASE’s Northeast Regional Conference, co-hosted with the College of Engineering. She is currently a co-op for the Shark team at SharkNinja in Newton, MA.

My Experience as a “Shark” at SharkNinja

Whenever I tell people I work at a company called “SharkNinja”, I always receive mixed reactions. What on earth do large fish and Japanese mercenaries have in common? Some people think it sounds really cool, while other people find it a strange name for a company. However, despite how amusing the name may sound, the employees at SharkNinja are very serious about their work. Sharks and ninjas are both viewed as powerful and versatile, exactly what the company strives to achieve in their products. SharkNinja creates leading household products in two major areas: “Shark” Floor Cleaning and “Ninja” Kitchen Appliances. I work with the Shark engineering team, providing overall support on vacuum and steam mop products wherever I am needed.

As a Shark engineering team co-op, my tasks vary day-to-day depending on which groups in the department need assistance and what projects are most urgent. In a typical day I can be doing anything from hacking together vacuum prototypes in the shop, performing and analyzing data for steam rate testing, drawing out parts on CAD, getting 3D printers up and running, to tearing down returned products to figure out what caused them to fail. Not only am I able to work on a variety of projects, but I also have the opportunity to work with different engineers on the Shark team, including those in research and development, advanced development, new product development, core and quality. My day is never slow working at SharkNinja, and every day I feel like I am learning something new and making significant contributions to the company. I am constantly surrounded by passionate, intelligent and hardworking individuals who each bring their unique talents to the company and inspire me to achieve more. The unique “breakthrough” culture of the company allows it to have all of the benefits and resources of a large company while retaining their entrepreneurial, start up mindset. The atmosphere at SharkNinja makes me excited to go to work every day and proud to be a Shark!