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The Northeastern Experience in the Northwest (Seattle)

August 12, 2015

About Me 

Rohit Gawli is from Mumbai, India. He received his BE in Automobile Engineering from Mumbai University, and is currently pursuing his MS in Engineering Management at Northeastern University in Seattle.   He is actively involved on campus and is in the Workshop Program Committee which is responsible for assisting new and prospective students with understanding their academic responsibilities, general education requirements and registration. Rohit was chosen to represent NEU as a Student Ambassador because he loves working with people and planning events. Rohit adds, “How natural for me to be in a setting where I can answer questions about student life, strengthen my public speaking skills, and help out with the ‘behind the scenes’ preparation to make things happen. I am passionate about being able to use my strengths as a natural leader."  Rohit’s hobbies include reading, soccer, traveling, motivating and encouraging people to overcome challenges and situations.

The Northeastern Experience in the Northwest (Seattle)  

After receiving my bachelors degree, I wanted to explore different sectors of the technology field and expand my knowledge to the business side as I have always had a flair for it. Man of the hour, a business savvy Engineer. (I do not know what it is like in Boston since I have not been yet, but I would like to visit the main campus soon.)

I got admitted into NEU Seattle for the MSEM program, the course structure was perfect for me and I landed in Seattle last year. Being an international student I was feeling the pressure; leaving behind everyone you know and moving to a place you've never been before, but it's all part of the journey and you have to embrace it and take it as a learning process towards life's ultimate goal. It was an exciting time since the campus was pretty nascent. I did not expect it to be acres in size, so it served my expectations. 

Seattle as a city is just fantastic! The people here are really smart and helpful which proves the fact that it's one of the safest cities and yes there's not much jaywalking. The city's reputation for stunning scenery, great food, beverages etc., makes it worth braving all the rain to visit. But if you stay in Seattle you'll know why no one carries an umbrella: because it really doesn't rain that much, it just drizzles most of the time.

Moving my life to settling in Seattle turned out to be really easy for me, a very friendly city with restaurants and bars within a walking distance from the campus. While on campus, I got noticed due to my excellent academics and my participation in every social event that took place on campus. Four of us were chosen as Student Ambassadors and SEA-BOS Connectors.

Being a student here at NEU - Seattle has it's own pros. Pertaining to my experience, I have received personalized attention as we have small classes, and ease of access to the faculty, be it the Dean or academic professor. We also have industry experts teaching us and that helps us with a peek inside the latest developments in technology.

Me and my teammates Shishir Mhatre, Rushab Doshi along with Sailesh Kalyan organized a few workshops for the current students under the jurisdiction of our Professors relevant to job search, networking & public speaking skills. As a student ambassador it's been really great helping out the current students with their needs while simultaneously providing support and assistance to the prospective students during the admissions phase. I must say, it's a heck of a job, but I love it. What I do defines me. An offbeat experience but definitely a good one for me.

I am looking forward to the next term.