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May 6, 2015

President Joseph E. Aoun, right, and Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Stephen W. Director, stand with ChiSheng Liang, E'16, who received an Outstanding Student Research Award for his project "VistaLight," a game that helps people make better decisions.

About Me 

ChiSheng is a 3rd year Electrical Engineering major. He is doing his first co-op in the NU Game Design Studio, and is currently working on two projects: VISTALIGHT and Marine Science. 


People may hesitate and make bad decisions especially when they are under pressure, which may result in unnecessary loss. Understanding how to reach consensus and make decisions can avoid loss and result in more profits. We created a multiplayer tablet game, VistaLight, in order to help players learn the decision-making process and how to make better decisions. VistaLight, as a role-playing game, allows players to play the role of representatives of port authority or a certain type of industry. These roles can decide how the Houston port operates. When interruptions such as oil spill or dense fog occur, players would have to make quick and good decisions to maximize the benefits of the stakeholder that they represent, as well as the interests of the whole port. We simulate this process and allow players to create what-if cases, so that they can review the impacts of their decisions on the whole supply-chain system.

Northeastern University Game Design Studio

Becoming part of the NU Game Design Studio and NUCAR (Northeastern University Computer Architecture Research), I have learned many things from these teams. Professor Casper (Professor in Game Design Program) has so much passion for the studio. He always inspires us to work on our projects. He encouraged us to put up our new ideas. David Kaeli (Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering) is also part of the Game Design Studio. His kindness always gave us the power to not be afraid of challenges. Also, in the Game Design Studio, I have met so many talented people from Northeastern. Each of us has different expertise, some people are good at art, and some are good at game design. Everyone has the chance to fully perform his or her skills in our studio. 

RISE Experience

Our team members are all from different fields. I worked as programmer closely with YiFan Sun (PhD in Computer Science) for VISTALIGHT. Nishchitha (Engineering Management student) also provide us all art assets for the game. In order to improve the efficiency, we all meet every week and set up our weekly plan. After achieving that, we divided the plan by pieces and finished it step by step. Professor David Kaeli and Professor Casper Harteveld always encouraged us to brainstorm more fresh idea, and gave us many valuable suggestions. It’s the Game Design Studio and NUCAR’s effort that make the VISTALIGHT and the presentation success.

RISE gave us opportunities to know people from different departments and fields. We saw so many researches and creative idea. We were so impressed by how people apply their idea into the society.