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Thompson and Lichtner Co Co-op

July 8, 2015

About Me 

Reza is a masters student in Civil Engineering. He began his co-op at The Thompson and Lichtner Co. and gained real world experience, solidified his professional network and was offered a full time position in his field.

Thompson and Lichtner Co. Co-op  

My co-op experience working at The Thompson and Lichtner Co. has been a great opportunity for me to apply my education in the field, gain valuable first hand experience, learn alongside established professionals, and gain certifications for different work needed. With T&L, I have worked at many job sites, at the office, and in the laboratory. I did not anticipate how much I would learn through direct work experience and continue to grow professionally through my time here. I have met many people working in the construction field and have expanded my professional network within the local construction Industry.

There have been many valuable lessons I have learned in the field that one cannot acquire in a classroom. Through my hard work, I've earned the trust and respect of my peers at T&L and they have expanded my role in meeting project objectives. I'm confident that experience has opened the door to full-time employment and helped me get closer to my professional aspirations.

My thanks to the Northeastern co-op program for their continuing efforts to assist students with their professional success.