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Why I BioE

September 23, 2015

About Me 

Mina is a second year Bioengineering major from San Jose, California. On campus, Mina is a coach with IDEA, the student run venture accelerator, VP of Alumni Relations for the Student Alumni Association, a research assistant at the Advanced Biomaterials for NeuroEngineering Laboratory, part of the WeServe Initiative, and a member of the University Scholars Program.    

Why I BioE 

This past summer I took part in an internship at Eko Devices, a medical device startup in the Silicon Valley creating a smart stethoscope to change cardiac care. While at that internship I realized one thing – I really wanted to become a bioengineer. Even though I spent my summer creating marketing content and advising on strategy decisions, every chance I had to talk to the hardware designers I was in awe of what they were doing.

With that experience in mind, I decided to switch from neuroscience to bioengineering, while I still hope to use my new skills to work on non-invasive neuromedical devices and eventually start my own company focused on these emerging technologies. Although I am incredibly anxious about switching from a life science major to an engineering major, I am also incredibly excited after seeing all the unique projects my friends in engineering were doing last year and knowing what I will be able to create in the future. This year alone I will be 3D printing tissue and construcingt 3D models of different bone structures based on 2D medical images.

By the time I graduate from Northeastern, I hope to be at the cross-section of entrepreneurship and biomedical engineering. Whether that means I am the CEO of my own startup, a lead R&D engineer at a medtech innovation center, or working on the investment side of innovation I am excited for the possibilities. Being part of the inaugural class of BioEngineering students at Northeastern lets me be part of its growth in the first couple of years and I can’t wait to get started.