Departmental Co-op Team

Bioengineering, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Data Analytics, Electrical, Engineering and Public Policy, Environmental, Industrial, Mechanical, Operations Research, & Sustainable Building Systems

Co-op Leadership Team

  • Lorraine Mountain – Assistant Dean & Senior Co-op Coordinator
  • Brian Albrecht – Assistant Director: Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Karen Kelley – Assistant Director: Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering
  • Alison Nogueira – Assistant Director: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Co-op Operations

Co-op Coordinators & Counselors

Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering, Engineering and Public Policy, & Sustainable Building Systems

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Global Engineering

Adjunct Co-op Faculty

  • Susan Loffredo –Adjunct Co-op Faculty
  • Georgia Looney –Adjunct Co-op Faculty
  • Amy Slutsky –Adjunct Co-op Faculty
  • Janet Lee Taylor –Adjunct Co-op Faculty
UG = Undergraduate Co-op, G = Graduate Departmental Co-op

Multidisciplinary Master’s Co-op Team

Energy Systems, Engineering Management, Telecommunication Networks, Computer Systems Engineering & Information Systems

Co-op Coordinators & Student Services

  • John Bleakney — Assistant Co-op Coordinator, Engineering Management (MGEN)
  • Peter Cardillo — Assistant Co-op Coordinator (MGEN)
  • Laura Meyer — Assistant Co-op Coordinator, Energy Systems (MGEN)
  • Jessica Pike — Assistant Co-op Coordinator (MGEN)
  • Maricla Pirozzi — Assistant Co-op Coordinator, Information Systems and Computer Systems Engineering (MGEN)
  • Michael Schwartz — Assistant Co-op Coordinator, Telecommunication Networks and Internet of Things (MGEN)
  • Diane Yasgur — Assistant Co-op Coordinator (MGEN)

MGEN = Multidisciplinary Graduate Co-op