Undergraduate Co-op Performance Standards encourage professional and ethical behaviors throughout the co-op process, and clarify procedures required for continued success of our students and the co-op program. The College of Engineering Undergraduate Co-op Performance Standards are communicated to all students in the Introduction to Cooperative Education course as part of their preparation for the first co-op experience. The standards establish co-op professional expectations of the student throughout the co-op search process and during the co-op term, and address co-op related issues that may involve performance and the expected duration of co-op.  In the event that a situation arises that requires special consideration, the College of Engineering Co-op Standing Committee may be consulted. 

The College of Engineering Co-op Standing Committee consists of five co-op faculty members appointed from the College’s Co-op Faculty, Assistant Dean for Departmental Co-op (ex officio), Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Academic Advising (ex officio), and  Associate Dean (ex officio). This committee will review all cases concerning requested exceptions and co-op performance that does not meet the standards referenced above. The committee may be petitioned by the student, Co-op Coordinator and/or Assistant Dean for Departmental Co-op and will determine the future eligibility of the student for subsequent co-op assignments, and if the behaviors warrant referral to the University Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution. The decision of the committee will be considered final.

In order to be eligible for co-op, undergraduates students must have:

  • successfully completed the Introduction to Co-op course with a grade of D or higher;
  • earned 32 semester hours of credit; 
  • a recorded GPA on their transcript;
  • a minimum 2.0 GPA for domestic co-op and 2.5 for international co-op;
  • no outstanding disciplinary or academic probation issues;
  • at least one semester remaining in their degree program, after completing their final co-op.