Faculty Distinctions

Distinguished and Endowed Professors

  • George Adams, COE Distinguished Professor
  • Akram Alshawabkeh, George A. Snell Professor
  • Nadine Aubry, University Distinguished Professor
  • Ahmed Busnaina, William Lincoln Smith Professor and University Distinguished Professor
  • John Cipolla, Donald Smith Professor and COE Distinguished Professor
  • Arthur Coury, University Distinguished Professor
  • Anthony Devaney, COE Distinguished Professor
  • Stephen Director, University Distinguished Professor
  • Vincent Harris, William Lincoln Smith Professor and University Distinguished Professor
  • Yiannis Levendis, COE Distinguished Professor
  • Fabrizio Lombardi, ITC Professor
  • Constantinos Mavroidis, COE Distinguished Professor
  • Carey Rappaport, COE Distinguished Professor
  • Vinod Sahney, University Distinguished Professor
  • Michael Silevitch, Robert Black Professor and COE Distinguished Professor
  • Mario Sznaier, Picard Trustee Professor
  • Carmine Vittoria, COE Distinguished Professor
  • Ming Wang, COE Distinguished Professor
  • Mishac Yegian, COE Distinguished Professor

National Academy Membership

Institute of Medicine

  • Vinod K. Sahney, Member

National Academy of Engineering

  • Nadine Aubry, Member
  • Art Coury, Member
  • Stephen W. Director, Member
  • Vinod K. Sahney, Member


American Association of Advancement of Science

  • Nadine Aubry, Fellow

American Chemical Society

  • Art Coury, Fellow

American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineers

  • Art Coury, Fellow
  • Thomas Webster, Fellow

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

  • Nadine Aubry, Fellow

American Institute of Chemical Engineers

  • Ronald Willey, Fellow

American Physical Society

  • Nadine Aubry, Fellow

American Society for Nanomedicine

  • Thomas Webster, Fellow

American Society of Civil Engineers

  • Akram Alshawabkeh, Fellow
  • Jerome Hajjar, Fellow
  • Thomas C. Sheahan, Fellow
  • Ali Touran, Fellow
  • Mishac Yegian, Fellow

American Society of Engineering Education

  • Stephen W. Director, Fellow

American Society of Materials International

  • Teiichi Ando, Fellow

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

  • George G. Adams, Fellow
  • Nadine Aubry, Fellow
  • Ahmed Busnaina, Fellow
  • John W. Cipolla, Fellow
  • Hanchen Huang, Fellow
  • Nader Jalili, Fellow
  • Gregory Kowalski, Fellow
  • Yiannis Levendis, Fellow
  • Constantinos Mavroidis, Fellow
  • Hameed Metghalchi, Fellow
  • Sinan Muftu, Fellow
  • Hamid Nayeb-Hashemi, Fellow
  • Rifat Sipahi, Fellow
  • Mohammad E. Taslim, Fellow
  • Ibrahim Zeid, Fellow

Biomaterials Science and Engineering

  • Art Coury, Fellow

Biomedical Engineering Society

  • Thomas Webster, Fellow

Ernst Strungmann Foundation (Germany)

  • Thomas Webster, Fellow

Health Care Information and Management Systems Society

  • Vinod K. Sahney, Fellow

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

  • Ali Abur, Fellow
  • Stephen W. Director, Fellow
  • Vincent Harris, Fellow
  • Sheila S. Hemami, Fellow
  • David Kaeli, Fellow
  • Hanoch Lev-Ari, Fellow
  • Fabrizio Lombardi, Fellow
  • Sarma Mulukutla, Fellow
  • Carey Rappaport, Fellow
  • Michael Silevitch, Fellow
  • Milica Stojanovic, Fellow
  • Carmine Vittoria, Life Fellow

Institute of Industrial Engineers

  • James Benneyan, Fellow
  • Thomas Cullinane, Fellow
  • Vinod K. Sahney, Fellow
  • Allen L. Soyster, Fellow

National Academy of Inventors

  • Constantinos Mavroidis, Fellow

Society of Automotive Engineers

  • Yiannis Levendis, Fellow

Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers

  • George G. Adams, Fellow

Structural Engineering Institute

  • Jerome Hajjar, Fellow

World Federation of Productivity Science

  • Allen L. Soyster, Fellow

College of Engineering Faculty Fellows

The College of Engineering Faculty Fellowship program recognizes our most promising Associate Professors in the College. Recipients of these fellowships will have demonstrated both outstanding achievement and the potential for leadership in their respective departments, the College and University, and in their discipline.

  • Rebecca Carrier
  • Deniz Erdogmus
  • Andrew Goulsdtone
  • April Gu
  • Shashi Murthy
  • Rifat Sipahi
  • Kai-Tak Wan
  • Kate Ziemer

Young Investigator Awards

Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

  • Purnima Ratilal

Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Award

  • Ningfang Mi
  • Ashkan Vaziri

American Chemical Society Doctoral New Investigator

  • Richard West

Army Research Office Young Investigator Award

  • Edmund Yeh

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Young Faculty Award

  • Matteo Rinaldi
  • Rifat Sipahi

International Neural Network Society's Young Investigator Award

  • Y. Raymond Fu

International Society of Industrial Ecology’s Laudise Young Researcher Prize

  • Matthew Eckelman

National Science Foundation Presidential Young Investigator Award

  • Nadine Aubry

Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award

  • Yun Raymond Fu
  • Purnima Ratilal
  • Nian Sun

National Science Foundation CAREER Awards

  • Akram Alshawabkeh
  • Luca Caracoglia
  • Rebecca Carrier
  • Jennifer Dy
  • Deniz Erdogmus
  • Hicham Fenniri
  • Andrew Gouldstone
  • April Gu
  • Carlos Hidrovo
  • Jackie Isaacs
  • David Kaeli
  • Philip Larese-Casanova
  • Carolyn Lee-Parsons
  • Yingzi Lin
  • Carol Livermore
  • Edwin Marengo
  • Constantinos Mavroidis
  • Marilyn Minus
  • Shashi Murthy
  • Matteo Rinaldi
  • Mehrdad Sasani
  • Nian Sun
  • Ashkan Vaziri
  • Sara Wadia-Fascetti
  • Kai-Tak Wan

Distinguished Service Awards

ASEE Distinguished Educator and Service Award

  • Bala Maheswaran

ASME George Westinghouse Gold Medal

  • Yiannis Levendis

ASME James H. Potter Gold Medal

  • Hameed Metghalchi

Ellis Island Medal of Honor

  • David Luzzi

IEEE Control Systems Society Distinguished Member Award

  • Mario Sznaier

IEEE James H. Mulligan, Jr. Education Medal

  • John G. Proakis (Emeritus)

Institute of Metal Research's Lee Hsun Lecture Award

  • Vincent Harris