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Undergraduate Education

Set for success
Setting students up for success is our natural guiding principle. Through a variety of academic opportunities in the classroom and laboratory, through research and cocurricular activities, and in our signature cooperative education program, our students are well prepared for self-discovery and professional development.


Lab Fair a Huge Success

The College of Engineering Undergraduate Lab Fair provided freshmen an insight to all the cutting-edge lab and research opportunities available on campus.

Learning While Teaching

By participating in NUTRONS, NU’s FIRST Robotics team, undergraduates are able to teach high school students to build robots while reinforcing their own engineering skills.

Early Pothole Detection

The research developed by the VOTERS center (led by CEE Professor Ming Wang) for detecting the formation of potholes was featured in Fast Company.

Behind the Scenes at NASA

ME student Craig Schmidt, Jr. explains the awesome experiences he is having participating in a NASA internship.

Congratulations Caroline Webb

As a recipient of a 2014 Provost Undergraduate Research Award, Caroline Webb (ChE) will be studying the effect of hormone treatments on the expression of ZCT1 in transgenic Catharanthus roseus hairy root cultures.

Redesign Leads to Success

Congratulations to the NU Solar Boat club who finished 2nd Overall and was named the Most Improved team at the annual Solar Splash com­pe­ti­tion.

Recapping the Season

After finishing 8th overall in the final competition of the season, the Baja team describes the competition and modifications they made to the vehicle which led to their success.

Helping Those In Need

The newly formed student group Enabling Engineering uses engineering principles to design and build projects to help individuals with disabilities.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Interested in doing research? Participating in an undergraduate research program allows students to enhance their learning experiences while still in school.