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  • Computer architecture; GPUs; heterogeneous computing; performance analysis; security and information assurance; hardware reliability and recovery; Big Data analytics; workload characterization
  • Machine learning applications in smart and sustainable manufacturing; predictive analytics for smart and connected health; data driven approaches to mass customized instruction
  • Human-in-the-loop control, model predictive control, wireless control systems, hybrid systems, edge computing, cyber physical systems, net-zero energy communities, resilient systems, energy systems
  • Integrated circuit design and for nanoelectronics and nano technology, high speed system integration for signal processing and communication applications, bio-chip and bio-sensor interface circuit design, electronic neuron circuit design, low power adaptive robot controller circuit design; high performance and low power vlsI design, system-on-chip (soc), and Physical VLSI CAD
  • Malware analysis and detection; web security; social network security; reverse engineering; intrusion detection
  • Cognitive radio; software engineering-self-controlling software; information fusion
  • Bioelectric medicine, development of novel interventions and tissue engineered platforms for nerve regeneration and repair
  • neural interface technology, tissue engineering, and musculoskeletal biomechanics
  • Urban transportation networks and informatics, urban mobility, intelligent transportation systems, public transportation operations
  • Energy related and calorimeter studies related to pharmaceutical developments; simulation of thermal effects on laser beam propagation through heated materials; simulating microscale heat transfer phenomena and its effects on laser beam propagation; Simulation of laser welding processes
  • Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Aging, and Human Factors.