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Engineering Business Graduate Certificate

The Engineering Business Graduate Certificate Program is an eight-course graduate certificate program with academic and participation elements. The Program seeks to provide students opportunities to apply the technical aspects of an engineering skill foundation in corporate settings. This equips them to manage projects, lead people, make data-driven and market-based decisions, and advance economically sound initiatives.

To earn the Engineering Business Certificate, students must (1) have completed in good standing a BS(Engineering)/MS[Engineering Management] Program at Northeastern or an MS(Engineering Management) with a BS(Engineering) also from Northeastern,  (2) have been accepted through application and committee admission to the Galante Engineering Business Program, (3) participate in the Galante Engineering Business Program co-curricular elements, and (4) take 4 specified business-skill courses in the College of Engineering Graduate School as listed along with the 4 required core Engineering Management courses. 

Note: Students must have a BS in Engineering from Northeastern.

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