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Lean Six Sigma Graduate Certificate

The Lean Six Sigma Graduate Certificate program focuses on enhancing engineering knowledge and skills with the fundamentals of lean manufacturing thinking and Six Sigma concepts to improve business processes through optimizing flow, eliminating waste, and emphasizing quality.

This four-course graduate certificate seeks to provide students opportunities to apply the fundamental of lean six sigma concepts across an enterprise to contribute to an organization’s continuous improvement initiatives by identifying and employing lean and quality tools and techniques, along with utilizing statistical methods to achieve quality control.

Note: It may be possible to complete the course requirements for this certificate program entirely online. Note that not all the courses which are listed in the Detailed Certificate Requirements/ Program Requirements section may be completed online. Therefore there may be limitations about what courses online students can take to complete the certificate program.

Currently enrolled graduate engineering students may apply to a graduate certificate program by using our internal application form. All other applicants may use the Apply Now: Graduate Application link to apply.

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