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Technology Systems Management Graduate Certificate

The Technology Systems Management Graduate Certificate program focuses on bridging the fields of technology, engineering, and business with a focus on the art and the science of managing organizational activities including project and human resources engaged in engineering and technology development.

This four-course graduate certificate seeks to provide students opportunities to apply technological knowledge and skills in a management setting to make data-driven, financial-based, and economic-based decisions.

Note: It may be possible to complete the course requirements for this certificate program entirely online. Note that not all the courses which are listed in the Detailed Certificate Requirements/ Program Requirements section may be completed online. Therefore there may be limitations about what courses online students can take to complete the certificate program. This certificate is a good option for non-engineers.

Currently enrolled graduate engineering students may apply to a graduate certificate program by using our internal application form. All other applicants may use the Apply Now: Graduate Application link to apply.

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