The Master of Science in Engineering Management offers graduate students an opportunity to develop the technical expertise and the business competence that is in high demand for management positions in technology-based industry. Industry leaders are seeking qualified and talented individuals who are capable of directing and supervising development and production processes. The combination of technical proficiency and business skills fostered in the Engineering Management program provides a competitive edge for graduates seeking a wide range of positions in technology-based product or service industries, as well as in comparable local, state and federal programs.

Students may choose to study the Master of Science in Engineering Management in an online format, or in a hybrid format (online with periodic face-to-face regional campus meetings) at our Seattle (WA), Charlotte (NC), and Silicon Valley (CA) regional campuses. 

Benefits of online and hybrid studies

Pursuing some or all of your graduate studies online allows you to build your credentials and enhance your knowledge, while a flexible schedule minimizes the disruption on your professional and personal life.

Similarities to “onground” (campus-based) programs

  • Variety of course offerings: online programs offer all required courses, as well as the most frequently chosen electives.  This ensures you have access to the courses you need and want most. 
  • Extensive resources: all students have access to the university library’s online collections.   
  • Connection to faculty and students: led by instructors trained in online instruction, our virtual classes are designed to create a community of peers that learn, discuss, and support each other – both in class and beyond. 

Differences from onground programming

  • Innovative format: virtual classrooms allow for new ways to deliver knowledge while also helping you further hone your electronic communication skills – a must in today’s world. 
  • Increased flexibility: with online studies, you can study on your own schedule, accompanied by clear guidance from your instructor.


Program Director