Northeastern University’s Graduate School of Engineering offers specialized Multidisciplinary Masters degrees designed specifically for working engineering and technical professionals who are looking for career advancement or to pursue a different career path.

Computer Systems Engineering is designed for students with a bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science or the physical sciences. This program focuses on software engineering as it relates to object-oriented design and analysis, and the development of web applications for business, education, and entertainment, preparing students to take on a wide range of responsibilities within major corporations and government agencies.

Information Systems offers a variety of courses that wed business practices and technological advances. Theory and practice are balanced on the premise that they are always intertwined and interdependent. This program is at the forefront of software innovation, transforming contemporary society even more radically than technology has already done, to take significant strides in business, medicine, education, and the protection and security of our country.

Telecommunication Networks is designed for professionals currently in the telecommunications field who either wish to enhance their technical skills and credentials or those who wish to make a transition to the business side of telecommunications or networking. This unique program provides a multidisciplinary approach to telecommunication. Students take courses from several different departments and colleges at Northeastern University.