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The Center for Urban Environmental Studies is a joint project of the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering designedto promote research concerning the sustainability of urbanization and environmental health. The Center for Urban Environmental Studies brings together an interdisciplinary group of faculty and students with backgrounds in engineering, social sciences, ecology, chemistry, and health sciences to focus on urban environmental issues and problems.



  • May 14-20, 2008 - On invitation of the Konkuk Univeristy in Seoul (Korea), Professor Vladimir Novotny, Director of the Center for Urban Environmental Studies, made on May 16 a key note lecture and presented a paper at the international workshop launching a ten-year diffuse pollution abatement program.He also conducted discussions withKorean scientists and government officials on he cooperation in this field. Konkuk University is the largest private university in the Republic of Korea. In addition, he made presentations to students and faculty at the Konkuk University and the Chungbuk National University in Chungbuk.
  • May 6 , 2008 - On invitation of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), Dr. Vladimir Novotny, CDM Chair Professor and director of the center, conducted a seminar on "Integrated Urban Drainage and Diffuse Pollution Abatement in the Cities of the Future".
  • Press Release (April 25, 2008): Prof. Hellweger develops a model to track concentration of E.Coli in the Lower Charles River.








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