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The purpose of the NU GEGES is to improve the quality of the graduate environmental and geo-environmental experience at Northeastern University. Seminars, workshops, field trips, and other events will be organized to introduce and further the knowledge of various topics in environmental and geo-environmental fields. It will provide a forum for networking with graduate students, faculty, professionals and societies in the environmental and geo-environmental fields and leadership to younger students interested in joining the environmental program.


GEGES celebrated the first meeting of the 2009-2010 academic year. A new Board of Directors was elected and new GEGES seminar dates were determined (see below).

-President: Xiaodan Ruan

-Vice-President: Ce Gao

-Treasurer: Lei Liu

GEGES has been approved of $3000 for
Seminars and Study Tours by the finance committee of GPSA




Coming Soon!

Next Meetings:

Wednesday, April 7th, 12:00-1:00pm

206 Egan

Prof. Vladimir Novotny, Northeastern University

Daylighting urban streams - the Story of Stony Brook

Past meetings and events:

04/07/2010 - Prof. Vladimir Novotny, Northeastern University. "Daylighting urban streams - the Story of Stony Brook."

02/24/2010 - Andrea Braga, CPESC, Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. "LID Performance Monitoring Challenges and Results for Infiltrating BMPs: Bioretention Cells, Raingardens, and Porous Pavements."

02/17/2010 - Dr. Tilo Stahl, VP of Sales, BioChem Tech., PA. "Using Advanced Modeling Techniques and Online Monitoring For Real Time Control of Wastewater Treatment."

11/12/2009 - Chuck Dam (BS – Northeastern ‘06), Mike Nelson (BS - Umass Amherst ’06), John Riccio (BS – UNH ‘07), Kevin O’Brien (BS – Northeastern ’07), Nate Desrosiers (BS – WPI ‘08). "Working Experience in CDM(Camp Dresser McKee, Inc.)!"

10/21/2009 - Dogus Meric. "Reactive, Permeable Composite Overlays Applied to Top Sediments as a Means of
Rendering Chemical Contaminants Inert."

10/06/2009 - Vanni Bucci. "Population dynamics of enteric bacteria in surface water: role of growth and mutation"

04/15/2009 - Mack Durham , Civil & Environmental Engineering, Ralph M. Parson's Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "Gyrotaxis in variable shear: the formation of thin phytoplankton layers"

04/01/2009 - Dogus Meric, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Northeastern University. "Effectiveness of Reactive Mat for Remediation of Contaminated Sediments"

03/18/2009 - Vanni Bucci.  "Discussion on Statistical Methods - Monte-Carlo Simulation and Analysis of Multifactor Experiments".

02/25/2009 - MICHAEL D. CURTIS, Ph.D., P.E., Senior Vice President, Fuss & O'Neill, Inc. Manchester, CT. "Cushman Farms - Facilitating Energy and Climate Change - Developing and Expanding a Local, Renewable Energy Resource"

01/14/2009 - Tanvir Ahmed, PhD Candidate, Parsons Laboratory, Civil & Env Engg., Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "Microrganisms in Microfabricated Landscapes"

11/19/2008 - Mr. Matthew R. Litman, PhD, P.E., AECOM / Water "Example Design Process for Upgrading an Existing,Carbon-only Removal WWTP to Also Perform Total Nitrogen and PhosphorusRemoval."

11/05/2008 - Prof. Hellweger. 'Systems Bioecology'. A novel approach for environmental simulation

10/15/2008-Ms. Carla Cherchi. "Investigation of MicroC as an alternative carbon source for denitrification"

10/08/2008-Mr. David Bedoya. "Biological response to environmental stress. Environmental similarity and hierarchical, scale-dependant segregation of biotic signatures for prediction purposes"

04/09/2008-Mr. Ehsan Kianirad. "Rapid Field Soil Characterization System". Presented in the 2008 Geo-Congress Conference in New Orleans.

04/03/2008-Dr. Mingshun Jiang."Mesoscale physical- biogeochemical processes in Massachusetts Bay"

03/26/2008- ENSR/AECOM. "Getting to know ENSR and career opportunities"

02/26/2008- Mr. Kevin McGarvey (CH2MHILL). Topic TBD

02/27/2008- Dr. J. Zoe Wilson (Univeristy of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa). "Multidisciplinary collaboration to improve sustainable access to water and sanitation services in South Africa"

02/13/2008- Ms. Natalie Brown (Tetra Tech Rizzo). "Balancing Water Withdrawal and Water Conservation in a Medium Stressed basin"

12/5/2007 (at 2.30pm)- Mr. Vanni Bucci (Northeastern University). "Survivors & Biphasic Decay Kinetics of Fecal Bacteria in Surface Water"

11/28/2007- CAROLLO engineers presented and interviewed for potential job opportunities.

11/01/2007-Dr. Klauss Nusslein (UMass Amherst). "Perchlorate remediation using a novel, autotrophic, perchlorate-reducing microbial community"

10/25/2007- Dr. Wang (Capital Normal University, Beijing). " Non-point source pollution in China"

10/11/2007- Ms. Kate Bowditch (CRWA). "Green and Limited Impact Developments"

10/03/2007-Dr. Anna Lisa Onnis-Hayden. "Kinetics and nitrifying populations in nitrogen removal processes at a full-scale integrated fixed-film activated sludge (IFAS) plant"

09/19/2007-Dr. Vladimir Novotny. "Sustainable Hydrology and the Evolution of Water Treatment Paradigms"

04/18/2007-Dr. Windsor Sung. "The Distribution System as a Black Box: Impact on Water Quality and the effect of Ozone"

03/21/2007-John Hoynacki (Wallingford Software) and Sharon Tsay (Metclaf & Eddy). Urban Hydrology Modeling using InfoWorks software

02/21/2007-Hussan Sarahney. "Insitu Electrokinetic Remediation in Groundwater". Part II

02/14/2007-Hussan Sarahney. "Insitu Electrokinetic Remediation in Groundwater". Part I

12/01/2006-ENVIROPOLIS ."Urban Hydrological Sustainability"

11/29/2006 -Carollo Engineers at Northeastern University. Contact info at or e-mail

11/09/2006 - Laura Merner (Clark University). "Wetland Restoration for a Sustainable New Orleans"

10/11/06 - Prof. Vladimir Novotny.

09/27/06 - David Bedoya. "Analyzing Stream Habitat in Ohio and Maryland using Self-Organizing Maps"

09//13/06 - Indrani Ghosh. "Fractal Generation of Artificial Sewer Networks for Hydrologic Simulation"


President: Ruan, Xiaodan,

Vice President: Gao, Ce

Treasurer: Liu, Lei

Faculty Advisor: Ferdi Hellweger,

Faculty and Staff Members:

Dr. Ferdi Hellweger
Dr. April Gu
Dr. Irvine Wei
Dr. Vladimir Novotny

Graduate Students Members

Yifu Fao
Carla Cherchi
Ehsan Kianirad
Ce Gao
Indrani Ghosh
Lei Liu
Mirian Mathew
Nehreen Majed
Vanni Bucci


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James Barsanti EarthTech, NEWEA Chairman of Collection Systems
Prof. Jerry Hopcroft Wentworth Institute of Technology
NEWEA   New England Water Environment Association
Phil Pedros F.R. Mahony & Associates
Charlie Tyler MWRA, NEWEA