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Engineers Week Dean's Distinguished Lecture: Designing and Developing Cyber-Resilient Systems by Dr. Robert K. Cunningham


240 Egan 

February 21, 2017 5:00 pm
February 21, 2017 5:00 pm

Designing and Developing Cyber-Resilient Systems

Dr. Robert K. Cunningham, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Businesses and governments used to have total control over the data supporting their operations, but those days are behind us now. Today’s organizations leverage sensors, networks, storage and analytics to achieve incredible improvements in effectiveness and efficiency in exchange for sharing some data and giving up some control. Individuals are doing this too - thermostats and mobile phones record temperatures and location, and combine this information with weather information and maps to enable services that predict when to turn on home heaters so that your house will be warm when you arrive. All this sounds wonderful, but people, businesses and governments don’t understand exactly what they are sharing or with which organizations, and they therefore don’t know how to protect their data and ensure continuity of operations. This talk will informally examine commonly used commercial products and services to clarify the complexity of this environment and describe some efforts that MIT Lincoln Laboratory and the IEEE have been pursuing to build cyber-resilient systems in this exciting but complex computing world.

Dr. Robert K. Cunningham leads the Secure, Resilient Systems and Technology Group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, where he is responsible for initiating and managing research and development programs for cyber-resilient systems. Most recently, he has been working on protecting systems and data against remote and local attackers, enabling some portion of functionality to continue even when a successful attack occurs. Dr. Cunningham has patented security-related technology and has presented and published widely. He is a member of Sigma Xi and a Fellow of the IEEE, and chairs the IEEE’s Cyber Security Initiative. He received an ScB (computer engineering) from Brown University, an MS (electrical engineering) from Boston University, and a PhD (cognitive and neural systems) from Boston University. He has an executive education certificate in leadership from Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School.

Raytheon Amphitheater | 5:00pm - Talk | 6:00pm - Reception