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HPC Day 2016 at UMass Dartmouth


UMass Dartmouth

May 17, 2016 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
May 17, 2016 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Virtually every important break through in modern science depends on computing resources, which have become the “third leg” of scientific discovery along with theory and experimentation.

Research computing infrastructure is now critical to the ability of research groups to attract funding and retain the best scientific and engineering talent.

Please join us on May 17, 2016 9am— 6pm at Woodland Commons, UMass Dartmouth as we showcase compute intensive research through talks from several members of the MGHPCC and a special poster session with awards for students. This is an exciting opportunity to network and collaborate. Featuring a keynote talk by Jeremy Kepner (MIT LLSC) on Interactive Supercomputing for High Performance Data Analysis.

Free registration (by May 12th) and more information at Northeastern is organizing transportation to the event. Please email David Kaeli if you are interested in joining us on the bus.


  • Zlatan Aksamija (UMass Amherst) on Numerical Simulation of Thermal Transport in Semiconductor Nanostructures
  • Valeri Barsegov (UMass Lowell) on Influence of Solvent-Induced Hydrodynamic Interactions on Dynamic Structural Transitions in Protein Assemblies
  • Vanni Bucci (UMass Dartmouth) on Engineering microbial systems for the prevention of enteric infections
  • Geoff Cowles (UMass Dartmouth) on Optimizing Tidal Kinetic Energy Generation Across Multiple Scales
  • Qianqian Fang (NEU) on BioMedical Optics
  • Chris Hill (MIT) on Machine Learning and Discovery Science
  • Hanchen Huang (NEU) on Nanorod Atomistic Simulation
  • Li-Jun Ma (UMass Amherst) on Genome dynamics and fungal pathogenicity
  • Jiannan Tu and Paul Song (UMass Lowell) on Multifluid Collisional MHD model and its Application to Dynamic Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling.