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6 Faculty found

  • CDM Smith Professor and Chair, Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Steel and composite steel/concrete structures; earthquake engineering; structural stability; large-scale experimental testing of structures; regional simulation
  • University Distinguished Professor and William Lincoln Smith Chair Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Design and processing of advanced materials with emphasis on high frequency device applications for radar, communication, and sensing
  • socio-technical systems, systems engineering and design, social and economic networks, resilience of networked systems, computational social sciences, platform-based systems, sharing economy systems, computational social sciences, game theory, artificial intelligence
  • Multiscale and multiphase flow and transport phenomena, surface tension interactions in micro/nanoengineered structures, and electrokinetic ion transport in porous media for applications in energy storage, portable biochemical diagnostics, thermal management, and water treatment systems
  • Donald W. Smith Professor and Chair, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
    Development of a theoretical framework for nanorod growth and innovation of metallic glue for ambient environments; and atomistic simulation methods
  • Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering
    Molecular modeling of interfacial and solvated systems relevant to materials, manufacturing, energy and the environment