The CEE department has a bocce tournament each semester. This is a great way for PhD students to get outside of the lab and relieve stress!

As a PhD student it is important to find a quiet place to sit and write. The new Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex (ISEC) has fantastic corners to hide away for optimum focus.

Having the opportunity to present at local, national, or international conferences is a key component of the PhD research experience. Here I am reviewing my presentation one last time before going on stage.

Much of my research is based in the lab, so I spend a significant amount of time setting up and running experiments. This is from the beginning of a 72-hour batch test with frequent sample collection… microbiology waits for no one!

There are plenty of opportunities for graduate students to get out and enjoy hanging out with others, including this happy hour event!

The Northeastern community has a vibrant study abroad program, including the “Dialogue of Civilizations” where undergraduate students spend 4-6 weeks abroad during the summer taking courses and learning about another culture. Graduate students can serve as teaching assistants for these programs.

I am a teaching assistant for the Environmental Engineering II course (water and wastewater treatment). Here our class is taking a tour of the Cambridge Water Treatment Plant.

Our Environmental Engineering II class also took a tour of the North Attleborough, MA Wastewater Treatment Facility.

One of the great things about studying in Boston is the incredible collection of top universities. Many of them offer events that are open to all students, including the annual MIT Water Summit.

The class I am a TA for is working hard on their project to model a water resource recovery facility using one of the computer labs on campus.