Program: Sustainable Building Systems

Email: Please Note: Luke Troup ( is currently responding to all Sustainable Building System inquiries.

Country of Origin: Saudi Arabia

Languages Spoken: Arabic, English, Spanish

Activities: Cycling, kayaking, and engaging with people from different cultures, Double husky

Gender: Male

Career Interests: Sustainable building systems: Protecting the planet, LEED building design

Bio: Faisal Farhat, originally from Saudi Arabia, spent most of his childhood in Khobar. In 2010, he came to Boston, where he graduated from Brookline High School. Faisal completed his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering (with structural concentration) from Northeastern University. He has always been interested in sustainable design, especially at the building scale. This passion was the driving force that encouraged him to pursue a Graduate Degree in Sustainable Building Systems in Northeastern’s Graduate School of Engineering. Faisal feels that as a Sustainable Civil Engineer, it is his duty to treat our planet with caution while respecting the society’s needs. He is a cyclist and enjoys kayaking in the Charles River. He speaks Arabic and English fluently and also knows a little bit of Spanish. Faisal is always interested in meeting people from around the world and likes exchanging cultural backgrounds.