Program: Energy Systems


Country of Origin: India

Languages Spoken: English, Telugu, Hindi. Basics: French

Activities: Tennis, Film Critiquing, NUESS (Northeastern University Energy Systems Society)

Gender: Male

Career Interests: Research, Energy Markets and Finance, Rural Development

Bio: Goverdhan is from Vizag, India. An Electrical Engineer by training, Goverdhan is now in the final semester at Northeastern University (NEU). He believes in life-long learning. Goverdhan specializes in power systems and energy markets. Northeastern has provided the platform where holistic learning thrives, allowing him to focus on his career goals. "Husky first Bostonian next. Goverdhan loves exploring the city of neighborhoods strolling and biking. The program apart from the multi-disciplinary structure is meant for folks who care for the Earth. Together with the Earth!