Program: Chemical Engineering


Country of Origin: India

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Spanish (elementary)

Activities: Football, Gardening, Hip-hop music.

Gender: Female

Career Interests: Process Engineer/R&D Engineer/Formulation Scientist

Bio: Kavita is part of the Chemical Engineering program at Northeastern University since fall 2017. She holds an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from India. She is inclined towards Material Sciences and aspires to work in the industry as a Process Engineer/R&D Engineer. She is deeply impressed with the balance in the ChemE department between research opportunities, the scope for growth in academia and gaining hands-on experience with the excellent co-op program offered by the university. In her free time, Kavita loves exploring the beautiful city of Boston, playing sports like badminton, ping pong, and lawn tennis, learning new languages and exploring eateries around Boston (big time foodie). She welcomes you to the university and hopes to guide you throughout your journey at Northeastern. Go Huskies!