Program: Civil and Environmental Engineering


Country of Origin: United States

Languages Spoken: English

Activities: Northeastern Sustainable Building Organization, Intervartisity Multiethnic Christian Fellowship, Vicil and Enviornmental Engineering Graduate Christian Fellowship, COE PhD Dean's Council

Gender: Male

Career Interests: Industry

Bio: Luke is pursuing his Interdisciplinary PhD in Engineering, Architecture & Public Policy at Northeastern University. Originally from Minnesota, Luke began his college journey as a photography major. After spending several years as a portrait studio manager, he switched gears and received an Associate’s degree in cabinetmaking.  Luke suffered an injury that prohibited his ability to work and moved to Boston. Luke has completed his BS/MS degrees here at NU in Civil & Environmental Engineering (Structural) and Sustainable Building Systems. Before graduating, Luke held two co-ops, both for contractors: one in the local area and one in the Mid-Atlantic. Luke was planning to head to industry following his MS but received an opportunity to pursue a PhD in resilient and sustainable buildings. Luke couldn’t pass a chance to work with people he highly respects, on a project that he cared deeply for, where the interdisciplinary nature is truly supported.  “The Boston area has so much going on that it is super easy to get plugged into the industry and the faculty and staff at NU are incredibly supportive and helpful.  It is definitely a good place to be… it is the reason I am a triple Husky!”