Program: Telecommunication Systems


Country of Origin: India

Languages Spoken: English, Tamil

Activities: Swimming, Basketball, Zumba, Adventure sports, Travel (Explore new places before they get famous!)

Gender: Female

Career Interests: Computer Networks, Cloud Computing, Software Engineering

Bio: Nivetha is currently a student in Telecommunication Systems Management in College of Engineering and holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunications. She wishes to pursue her career as a software professional and specialize in Cloud Computing and Network Architecture. “Northeastern University offers you courses that get you Industry-ready as soon as you graduate, the professors make you feel passionate about what you learn, and Boston is truly one of the best cities for students and professionals to live in in the United States! “She loves to learn and likes to create a positive and motivating environment for people around her. “The milieu of enthusiastic learners from all over the world in Northeastern, exposes me to people from different cultural backgrounds and I enjoy sharing experiences with them” She is proud of being a husky!