Program: Engineering and Public Policy


Country of Origin: United States

Languages Spoken: English

Activities: Yoga, Dance, Reading, Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Student Council

Gender: Female

Career Interests: Sustainability, program evaluation, occupational and environmental health and safety

Bio: Sarah is pursuing her MS in Engineering and Public Policy. She entered the MS in Civil Engineering program at Northeastern University in the Fall of 2016 before she switched into the new EPP program in 2017. She is a NEU alumna, having graduated in 2014 with a BS in Civil Engineering and Environmental Science. During her time at NEU she completed two co-ops: the first in an environmental affairs department for an electric utility company and the second in environmental health and safety for a Boston based hospital and research center. She also completed an internship where she learned the ins and outs of beekeeping and was able to help tend to a number of honeybee hives around Greater Boston. Originally from Newton, MA she loves living and going to school in Boston. She couldn't be happier with her decision to come back to NEU and become a double husky!