Program: Industrial Engineering (MIE)


Country of Origin: China

Languages Spoken: Mandarin and English

Activities: Movies, music, travel

Gender: Male

Career Interests: Engineering / Project Management

Bio: Yuhui Lin, also known as Frank, graduated in Mechanical Engineering from China. Immediately following graduation, he came to pursue Master’s in Industrial Engineering at Northeastern University. Frank was also accepted to Northeastern’s Engineering Economic Decision Making Graduate Certificate Program, giving him an opportunity to pursue both the degree and the certification program together at the same time. The GSE Certificate program has exposed him to various case study problems and the Master’s curriculum has given a platform to implement different projects of his interest. Yuhui participates in the frequently occurring on-campus professional events and feels that it provides a great opportunity for him to network with the Northeastern Professional community. The the enormous support from the staff and the faculty allows Yuhui to continue to grow as an individual. He enjoys learning about people from different cultures and backgrounds. Yuhui is excited to share his experiences related to study life and other activities within the University with you!