Program: Industrial Engineering


Country of Origin:

Languages Spoken: Mandarin and English

Activities: Tennis, Swimming, LOL (lol)

Gender: Male

Career Interests:

Bio: Zongkai (Kevin) Li graduated from the University of Tulsa with the major of Petroleum Engineering and minor of Mathematics. His interest in math led him to pursue a graduate degree from NEU with the major of Industrial Engineering. Although he has just been in the U.S. for 3 years, he has already been in many social activities. Zongkai has volunteered in Nursing Home in Tulsa, he was a TA at Memorial Junior High School, served as a volunteer in Animal Rescue Foundation in Tulsa amongst others. He enjoys helping others and is especially fond of animals. In his spare time, Zongkai enjoys eating, traveling and photographing, of course! Although this is the first semester for him, he has been to many of the national parks and landmarks around Boston. Through the ambassadors program, he can share experience his experience with you- especially where to travel and eat!