Healthcare Systems Engineering

Centers & Grants

The Healthcare Systems Institute has 5 centers:

AHRQ Center for Patient Safety

The AHRQ Patient Safety Learning Lab (PSLL)integrates healthcare safety, information technology, systems engineering, and human factors expertise to develop tools that engage patients, family, and professional care team members in real-time, reliable identification, assessment, and reduction of patient safety threats before they manifest in actual harm. Read More

CMS-HSyE Regional Extension Center

In 2012, the Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute at Northeastern University was awarded a major $8 million 3-year grant from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) to conduct a National Demonstration Project of the value that systems engineering methods used in other complex industries can have to reduce healthcare costs, improve quality and safety, reduce waits and delays, and improve clinical outcomes and overall population health. Read More

CHOT Center for Healthcare Research

The Center for Health Organization Transformation (CHOT) is a federally awarded National Science Foundation industry-university collaborative research center, co-funded by roughly 24 health systems across the U.S., to accelerate applied research and workforce development that integrates healthcare systems engineering, health services research, and health policy. Read More

QPRL Quality and Productivity Research Laboratory

The Quality and Productivity Research Laboratory conducts theoretic and applied research in statistical quality control, experimental design, process improvement, and probabilistic optimization in a wide range of industrial healthcare and service applications. Read More

VERC Center for Veterans Health Reform

The New England Veterans Engineering Resource Center (NE-VERC) has been established partnering Northeastern University's healthcare industrial engineering program with New England Veterans Affairs (VA), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and several VA centers of excellence. Read More