Healthcare Systems Engineering



In addition to the core requirements for the Master of Science and PhD in Industrial Engineering, periodically courses are offered to allow students to gain an understanding of the applications of industrial engineering in healthcare at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Previously offered courses include:

Special Topics in Engineering: Healthcare Systems Engineering

Graduate and undergraduate students will learn about the analysis, design, management, and control of health systems and processes that are necessary to provide clinical care. This includes key functions of healthcare operations management, including capacity planning, facility layout, patient and process flow, process improvement, staffing, scheduling, and resource allocation. Through papers, discussions, and case studies, students will be exposed to the applications of optimization, simulation, and queuing in health systems.

Information Systems for Healthcare Services Delivery

Graduate students will learn about important information systems challenges faced by the healthcare system today, regarding administrative, financial, and clinical perspectives. Additionally, students will be introduced to the basic care delivery process, and the associated role of information systems (including electronic health records, health information exchanges, and performance evaluation and information management tools).

For more information regarding the core graduate program requirements, click here (for operations research) or here (for industrial engineering).


Senior Projects

In addition to the core requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and healthcare related courses, students have the opportunity to engage in healthcare related senior capstone projects and independent study projects with a focus in healthcare for course credit. In previous years, students have completed independent studies in the fields of:

  • breast cancer scheduling simulation models for tumor removal and reconstructive surgery
  • health system innovation centers
  • predictive readmissions modeling

Healthcare Minor

Currently, we are in the process of developing a Healthcare Industrial Engineering Minor that students may complete in addition to their Bachelor of Science degree. Courses in this program will provide students with the opportunity to learn the industrial engineering applications to healthcare improvement as well as the vital policy, management, and information systems components of healthcare systems, providing for a strong foundation in the field.

For more information regarding the core undergraduate requirements, click here.