Healthcare Systems Engineering

Education & Internships

Summer Internships

The Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute's Summer Internship Program was developed to provide front-line, hands-on experience for industrial and systems engineering (ISE) students and faculty across the U.S., working on applied and research problems within >60 Boston-area healthcare facilities affiliated with our 3 federally-funded centers. Despite the renewed interest nationally in applying ISE to healthcare's many problems, the most important problems can only be improved by people actually familiar with health care. Read more.

Cooperative Education

Co-op students are integral to our Institute’s ongoing research program. Positions are funded for by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid to apply industrial engineering methods to important healthcare problems in order to improve care, population health, efficiency, safety, and overall costs. Industrial engineering co-op students work on interdisciplinary teams of undergraduate and graduate students, clinicians, and healthcare managers, gaining insight and experience in healthcare and industrial engineering - invaluable as they start their careers. Read more.


Northeastern University is very excited to offer several courses in healthcare systems engineering. There are many exciting opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to learn about healthcare systems engineering in a classroom setting. Previously offered graduate classes include "Special Topics in Engineering: Healthcare Systems Engineering" and "Information Systems for Healthcare Services Delivery". Undergraduate students can focus their senior capstone or independent study projects in healthcare. A minor in Healthcare Industrial Engineering is also in the process of being developed by the university. Read More

Gordon Engineering Leadership Program - Healthcare Systems Engineering Concentration

The Gordon Engineering Leadership Program is designed to equip post-baccalaureate students with critical-thinking and leadership skills, and culminates with a market-worthy Challenge Project with a sponsoring organization. Many Gordon Fellows choose to complete their Challenge Project in the field of healthcare systems engineering, and have had much success in solving complex problems in healthcare. Students in the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program can pursue the engineering leadership certificate either by itself, or concurrently with a Master of Science degree in a wide range of engineering disciplines. Read More

Institute of Healthcare Improvement Open School

Through their Open School initiative, the Institute of Healthcare Improvement has provided students interested in healthcare with the opportunity to access educational resources pertaining to patient safety, quality improvement, and leadership. In doing so, it seeks to generate awareness and interest in the field of health care, and give students necessary skills that will allow them to become agents of change in the field of healthcare improvement. Participating members will have the opportunity to learn about healthcare improvement, discuss the associated issues with others, implement their newfound knowledge in healthcare facilities in their area, and even submit their own work to the IHI website that other community members may access and learn from. Read More