Position 1. Fuel Cells

Company is seeking an Engineer (Process Engineering) to join our team. In this role, the successful candidate will assist test engineers in the design & development of a commercialized hydrogen compression gas station product.


  • Conduct performance evaluation tests of hydrogen compressor hardware according to established laboratory procedures.
  • Process & analyze recorded data using spreadsheet/process modeling tools.
  • Experimental write-up & data reporting essential.
  • Perform basic maintenance & upkeep of test stand equipment, including troubleshooting, as required.
  • Assist engineering personnel with test stand design & commissioning.
  • Assist in the development and modification of manufacturing work procedures.
  • Communicate progress on a daily basis with the lead staff engineer(s).

Additional Requirements (unless otherwise noted):

  • Previous exposure to manufacturing process and/or engineering testing laboratory is necessary.
  • Strong mechanical aptitude is essential.
  • Complementary experience in plumbing, wiring, working with gases and gas sampling analytical equipment is essential.
  • Familiarity with machining, mechanical assembly and measurement tools.
  • High level of enthusiasm for working in a fast-paced start-up environment.
  • Familiarity with MS Office tools (e.g. Excel & Word) a requirement.
  • Familiarity with Quality Systems (six-sigma, SPC, FMEA, etc.) a plus.
  • Attention to detail & safety.


Position 2. New Battery Technology

The Test Execution Engineer will be a key member of the Battery Test team focusing on equipment engineering support and the validation/testing of battery cells. They will be tasked with developing equipment improvement plans and documenting/verifying test procedures in our battery testing facilities.

Primary responsibilities

  • Understand battery manufacturing equipment and test equipment; working closely with test team technicians and engineering team
  • Documentation, using standard format Operation Procedure to create clear, easy to follow procedures for reference and training of new employees on battery test equipment
  • Implement equipment improvement projects to increase equipment uptime and maximize capacity
  • Implement quality improvement projects which will improve test data integrity
  • Assist in planning and execution of equipment move and commission to new facility

Specific Skills/Abilities

The position requires attention to detail, resourceful problem solving and strong communication skills. Candidate with demonstrated hands on experienced is preferred as the role will involve a significant amount of interaction with mechanical and electrical equipment.


Position 3. Metals Technologies

This will be an entry level Process Engineering position. Under the guidance of the ACD Project Leader, the candidate will learn the various processes used at Metalor to produce Silver Powders and Flakes. Once the candidate has become familiar with our processes, he/she will be assigned various Engineering or R&D projects to work on. In some instances the candidate will serve as a team member assisting Metalor employees with ongoing projects. In others the candidate will serve as team Leader for their own projects.

The level of responsibility will be at the discretion of the ACD Project Leader. The candidate will gain experience with industrial chemical reactions, distillation, process control and improvement, R&D bench scale reactions, new product development. The candidate will be fully trained in Environmental, Health and safety procedures before working in the production or laboratory environment.

We are looking for motivated self-starters, who are eager to learn. We want someone who can work well in a team, or independently when given adequate instruction. We are committed to serving as mentors for our Co-op students, and we expect the same level of commitment from them to their jobs here at Metalor.


We seek any Chemical Engineering Students. Candidate must be proficient in Microsoft Office. Any experience with AutoCAD is a plus.

Be involved in the engineering aspects of powders/processed powders in the metal coating industry. Global company.


Position 4. Electronic Materials

Process Engineering

Work with manufacturing operations group on process improvement and production support projects in our Electronic Materials manufacturing site in Marlborough, MA. Engineer will have specific project responsibilities related to quality or yield improvement. Projects will include working on the production floor to see and understand the issues, some laboratory analytical work and data analysis/reporting.

Engineer will be trained in all aspects of their job function with an emphasis on safe operation and behaviors.

Specific requirements:

  • Chemical Engineering majors preferred.
  • Good knowledge of MS Excel and JMP software preferred.
  • Some knowledge of analytical laboratory techniques preferred.


Position 5. Nanotechnology

Company seeks applications to fill one or two temporary product control engineering positions beginning July. Company is a MIT spin—off founded in 2001 and a leading manufacturer of fullerenes, single walled carbon nanotubes and their chemical derivatives for thrust applications like organic photovoltaics (OPV), transparent electric conductors and carbon nanoelectronics.  Company has a strong in-house R&D program that has won competitive grant awards from agencies like NSF, NIST and have collaborative partners among reputed universities, National labs and Defense labs. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to learn and use key analytical tools like thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy to characterize carbon nanoproducts and closely involve with our application development efforts.  Familiarity with common chemical laboratory practices is expected.

Strong analytical skills, documentation and communication skills are required (Excel, PowerPoint etc).  Exposure to DOE and statistical analysis tools like JMP will be desirable.


Position 6. Oil Refining

Company's Refining and Supply business unit is utilizing engineers to help Company meet its goal of running a safe, reliable and environmentally sound refinery. The positions are in the technical support department at the refineries in Philadelphia, Marcus Hook, and Westville, NJ. The candidate will work with a cross-section of refinery employees in a team environment to develop and implement innovative projects aimed at improving the refinery's efficiency and profitability while maintaining reliability and the company's commitment to the environment. Sunoco is seeking students who are eager to discover and implement economical and environmentally sound solutions to the clean fuels regulations. Engineering services will be a crucial part of the company's culture as the refining industry looks to change both the process and a refinery's physical structure to meet federal and state regulations.

US Citizenship required to apply for TWIC (Transportation Workers Identification Card).


Position 7. Chemical Company

Engineering Assistant for Running a Lab Size Chemical Pilot Plant.

We have an opening for the above position. The successful candidate will work as an integrated member of an ongoing key research program that utilizes a continuous pilot plant that mimics a successful industrial process.  The pilot rig is at the Experimental Station, Company's main research center, in Delaware. The test rig incorporates many unit operations in chemical engineering. Key job activities of the selected candidate include, but are not limited to:

  • Assistance to principal investigator in conducting once-a-week tests
  • Coordination with 3 site technicians and one site engineer
  • Gathering data during the tests by filling log-sheets and authoring test summary sheets.
  • Ensuring proper collection of pre-test, on-line and post-test data for an accurate mass balance closure
  • Automation of test report production using data transferred from “data-logger” to MS Excel spreadsheets
  • Preparation of a draft mass balance and a draft test report after each weekly test
  • Post-test treatment of potentially hazardous reaction products in a safe manner for preparation of samples for solid and liquid analyses.
  • Sending samples for analysis, receiving analytical data output and managing the related record-keeping process.
  • Keeping an ongoing record of inventory of reactants, parts and supplies, and products to ensure smooth running of the test program
  • Presentation of scientific data during periodic weekly meetings

To assure proper accomplishment of the job requirements the successful candidate will preferably have the following skills and attributes

  • Basic engineering and science knowledge, especially in chemistry and chemical engineering
  • Basic computer skills and excellent MS Excel knowledge
  • Willingness to learn quickly and problem solving
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Effective verbal and written presentation skills
  • Attention to detail in conducting safe chemical laboratory practices
  • Flexibility to work off hours during the 36-hr test period, but this is not required


Position 8. Biotechnology - 2 Job Descriptions

Project A

Evaluation and implementation of Water's Fusion Software for Development and Optimization of Chromatographic Separations using Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Systems (U-HPLC)”.

Project B

Monitoring the progress of chemical reactions in both the pilot plant and kilo laboratory which produce Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, using analytical techniques such as HPLC, Gas Chromatography, Karl Fischer and Loss on Drying, mass spectrometry and TGA.


Position 9. Chemical Vapor Deposition

Our criteria is GPA > 3.0.

Corporation is a dynamic Cambridge-based company commercializing a unique polymer coating technology. Our technology has application in multiple industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to fabrics, and we have multiple customers partnering with us for scale-up and commercialization. We are looking for an engineer who wants to work in a high powered, fast-moving setting where timely results are important. We offer the new engineer an opportunity to learn first-hand the skills needed to design, fabricate and deliver a unique, complex nanotechnology product. Our projects typically follow a phased approach, in which we develop the concept, work to prepare feasibility studies, and finally create the finished product. You will be involved in all aspects of this approach.


  • Assist with operation and maintenance of company's initiated chemical vapor deposition (iCVD) systems for producing polymer coatings. This may include development, assembly and qualification of new coating systems.
  • Perform process optimization and develop operating protocols for the coating systems.
  • Develop and refine experimental plans designed to meet our customers' needs (working closely with senior engineers).
  • Run the coating equipment and perform testing on customer parts.
  • Share and discuss data with other engineers and consultants, and help decide on strategies for further action.
  • Troubleshoot general process issues and problems in a creative, timely manner.

This is a unique opportunity to help scale up an exciting new technology and see it commercialized.


Position 10. Aerogels

Join us and experience Company's culture directly . . . one that is based on a flourishing entrepreneurial spirit. It's where innovation and creation happen – from the ordinary to the extraordinary – every day. Our Business and Technology Center located in Billerica, Massachusetts has an opening for a Sophomore or Junior to join our Research and Development team. Aerogel, better known as the world's best insulating solid, is an exceptional material with broad reaching applications in insulation, daylighting, ecodesign, electronics, light scattering, oil adsorption, apparel, etc. In this position you will help us develop applications for our silica aerogel product by prototyping new concepts, testing performance, and generally supporting our rapidly growing “start-up style” business unit.  Our projects are fast moving and will give you the chance to learn a diversity of applied experimental methods and the basics of project management. You will also learn more about the many customers we serve in the industrial, electronics, building and construction, oil and gas, coatings, and consumer products industries.

We're looking an enthusiastic, creative, organized, hands-on contributor with the ability to work both independently and as a team to draw conclusions from experimental work.


  • Chemical Engineering or Materials Science/Engineering Student with a GPA >3.0
  • Strong chemistry (with lab experience) and math skills
  • Material Science course (preferred)
  • Ability to work carefully and safely
  • An enthusiastic team member and contributor